High Spirist Crest

The images in Creation function as emotive landscapes. Kinetic, fluid and volatile, these works channel an ever-evolving life force that is at once cosmic and intensely human. Kahn uses earthy hues alongside more arresting, vibrant colors and she combines wide open gestures with small details in an efort to capture both the bigness and the intimacy of life's organic rhythms. These landscapes work alongside the sequential, storied Rites of Passage series, bringing nature into dialogue with language and narrative. They also emobdy that vital in-between space where self-hood and community become indistinguishable from one another.

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Of This One Tree

...Was the Word...


Public Opinion


Binary Solitaire

The Apparency of Growing Things

Cup with Temptation

Noah's Way Out

RÍve en Noir et Blanc

Out on a Limb

Voices from the Oviary




It's Raining Dogs and Bunnies

Less Cargo

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