Exoterra III_plate

Mixed media 3-dimensional sculpture; standing construction

123" x 36" x 27"

Language - its tactility, appearance, explicit meanings and hidden implications - has long been central to Jamy Kahn's studio practice. In Love Depends on Ewe, a mixed media scultpure with a Rauschenberg worthy spirit, language plays games but also explores the reality of vulnerability. Love Depends on Ewe combines a painted ewe with a fresh-of-the-shelf box Depends and sleekly fabricated letters. The letters, L-O-V-E, are colored with expressionistic pools of enamel and supported by a pole that pierces through the ewe and into the box. On the surface, they have a pun-like purpose, L-O-V-E literally hovers above a box of Depends that is stacked on top of ewe: Love depends on you. But word play aside, what stand-in for human vulnerability would be more severe than a commercially produced box of adult diapers? People have needs, the sculpture suggests, and sometimes only love, in its simplest, most cliched form can meet them.

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