Rites of Passage Crest

In the Rites of Passage Series, Jamy Kahn continues to explore the relationship between the individual and the collective. Kahn arranges excerpts from larger compositions within new, grid-like structures, allowing each painterly gesture to become an essential part of larger, more cohesive systems. The sequences created in each Rites of Passage image openly grapple with narrative, telling stories that are sometimes jarring, sometimes soothing, but always tenderly complete. By placing multiple, distinct paintings together in immediate succession, Kahn is able to question the purity of the abstract moment and suggest that relationships that emerge between images are more poignant and promising than any one image is on its own.

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His Story as He Told It

Ingrown Changes

Timing: Open /Close

Storybook Tales of the I.L.T.



Love I

Dance of the Exes

Nonplan View

His Tower

His Tower

Her Tower

Her Tower


Forest Unseen

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